Business Development

Action Item: Write Your Elevator Pitch

Your elevator pitch, or elevator speech, is your response to the classic question, “So, what do you do?” Your answer to this question should never be, “I do taxes”, or “I’m a CPA”, or worst of all, “Uhhhhhhhhh…..” Ouch!

Your elevator pitch helps you to communicate the kind of clients you’re looking for. It should be specific, and have a purpose. It should not be generic. You want people … [ Continue reading ]

Boosting Profits Starts With Decisions You Make Today

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”

If you were completely satisfied with your 2021 gross receipts, your 2021 net profit, your 2021 clientele, your 2021 hours worked… Then that’s great! Seriously, kudos to you. You found the formula that works for you, and you’re happy with it. That is legitimately amazing, so keep doing it.


If you’re not happy … [ Continue reading ]

Real Estate Investors Make Great Clients

According to IRS tax return data, over 10 million American individuals (not even counting business entities) own at least one rental property.

That’s about 1 in 15 individual income tax returns filing a Schedule E with rental income.

As both a tax pro and a real estate investor myself, I find this statistic to be absolutely fascinating, particularly when viewed through the lens of a subject that … [ Continue reading ]

The Only Three Ways to Increase Profits

Do you want to increase your take-home profits in 2020?

Do you know the fundamental mechanics for making this happen?

Do you love articles that start with a series of questions?

If you’re going to increase revenues, and most importantly, profits, within your tax or accounting practice, then you need to be aware of the three ways for doing so.

Yes, there are three ways to make more money…. … [ Continue reading ]