Helping tax clients with real estate deal analysis

In Wednesday’s email, I outlined an example of what the annual service fees from a real estate investor tax client can look like. 

In that breakdown, I mentioned helping real estate investors with doing deal analysis. A typical analysis can be done in about half an hour or less, assuming you have all the data sources lined up (which you will, once you’ve done a few for your local market). At a $250/hr hourly rate, that’s $125 for such an analysis. Most real estate investors will need several of these done before they actually pull the trigger.

But how do you actually DO such an analysis?

There are a several deal analysis calculators out there, from sites like Bigger Pockets and others. There are also quite a few spreadsheets out there that you can use, to varying degrees of quality and complexity.

My personal favorite tool, and the one that I use for my own real estate investing, is available at There is a very handy spreadsheet available there that you can download, or you can use the Properties tab and create properties using a simple input table that looks like this (there’s obviously a bunch more fields, this is just a snippet):



After you put all the data in for the property that you client is considering purchasing, you’ll get a variety of outputs, including:

  • Net Operating Income
  • Cap Rate
  • Monthly Cash Flow
  • Breakeven Rent
  • Several different return on investment calculations

The output even creates some really pretty charts (my friend James, who wrote this software, looooooves charts) that you can put into a report for the client. For example:



I’m a big, big fan of the software. It’s how I model my own real estate portfolio (along with my stock/bond portfolio, Social Security, etc., for a holistic financial plan). When I’m getting ready to buy another property, I’ll spend hours playing around with different scenarios, different property numbers for analysis, etc. The software is, as of this writing, still free, and you can create an account here.

Just to be clear, this email isn’t a pitch for the software. Heck, I don’t even earn an affiliate commission or anything like that for recommending the software. I just like it, use it myself, and would not hesitate to use it with clients. So if you’d like to offer this service to your real estate investing clients — and you should — then check it out.

What this email is a pitch for, however, is the brand new Content Marketing Niche Pack.

Here’s what you’re going to receive with this brand new marketing toolkit:

  • PowerPoint presentation for doing a 30-40 minute presentation.
  • Four blog posts to help you advertise your presentation, either on your own website or as guest posts on other sites.
  • Two video scripts for creating YouTube videos, LinkedIn videos, or even Facebook Lives to promote your presentation.
  • Ten different email templates to use as follow up emails at various points in this marketing funnel.
  • Seven example social media posts to drip out to advertise your appearance.
  • A 17-page Quick Start Guide showing you how to use the various content marketing assets.
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What you’re going to do with this toolkit is go get yourself some speaking gigs at local Meetups for real estate investors, the real estate investor association (REIA) near you, etc. You’re going to stand up in front of the room (or a Zoom screen works, too) and flap your jaw for an hour about the tax benefits of real estate investing. Then, people are going to book appointments with you because you’re smarty-smart and have demonstrated the expertise to help them.

Voila! New clients.

As a special bonus, I’m including a copy of my 2-hour public speaking training course, titled Public Speaking for Pain & Profit. In that training, I share many insights into how to position yourself and actually get clients from your public speaking endeavors.

You can get this marketing toolkit, and the bonus training, for only $997.

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